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Dark blue, patterned blanket/bed cover, linen mix (SKU 110003)

  • Ideal size for a single bed
  • Size approx. 120 x 180 cm (47” x 70”) + fringes
  • Thermo-regulating – warm in winter and cool in summer
  • Made from certified natural fibres
  • Strong and durable
  • Skin-friendly
  • Linen/cotton mix


A soft linen blanket to complement any room in your house. It is a very dark blue, nearly black shade. Ideal size to cover a single bed, or even better yourself. When outdoors, it makes into a picnic or beach blanket, or a soft cover to enjoy an evening outside on the patio. Mostly linen – 84%, with added cotton 16%.


Linen blankets are soft and perfect for people with sensitive skin or allergies. These blankets keep you warm during the colder nights and cool you down during the summer nights. When linen textiles become damp, they dry quickly and not holding on to bacteria. Linen is timeless, one of the oldest fibres known to humanity, and exceptionally durable; if looked after well, it can last generations.


It makes a perfect gift for those wanting to live a greener or vegan lifestyle. European linen and linen-cotton mix textiles help to reduce the impact on the environment. Flax is a humble plant and extremely versatile. All parts are used to create something useful – linen fabric, linseed oil, or flaxseed oil reach on Omega 3. It can grow in poor soils, uses less water and pesticides than cotton.


This blanket comes with OEKO-TEX®100 and European Flax® certification.

Dark blue, patterned blanket/bed cover, linen mix

SKU: 110003
Colour: Blue
  • European Flax® guarantees European premium linen traceability, a sustainable, natural fibre cultivated without artificial irrigation and GMO-free.

    Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX® shows that the goods meet the human-ecological requirements, that, among other things, assess the direct contact to skin, use of colourants, and fulfilling REACH requirements (an essential legal document about the chemicals).

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